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Cal Maids is a professional full-service residential cleaning company that has served the San Jose, CA area for over 10 years. We’ve cleaned over 2,500 homes, one at a time, and many of our clients have been with our company since the year we opened. You are looking for a dependable, trustworthy cleaning company for your residential cleaning services, and that’s exactly what we’re known for. Work with us to get the peace of mind you deserve and our 24 Hour Cleaning Guarantee!

We are experienced in all types of cleaning, including first-time deep cleaning, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleanings. And if you’re looking for window cleaning or green cleaning, we can do that too!

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Carol Muser
Carol Muser
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"Thank You!"
Hi Jesus! Your 3 ladies did a wonderful job cleaning today. Thank you Happy Easter!!! Carol & Mark Carol Muser
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Taken Care Of Our Office
I am a Business Manager of a large construction project in the Bay Area and Herrera’s Cleaning has not only taken care of our office for years, but also the offices of two other nearby projects.
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Happy With How Clean He’s Keeping Our House
We’re very happy with how clean he’s keeping our house. They clearly wash the floor every time and when I’ve left a note asking for something specific it’s always been done. They even remake the beds – I guess I don’t do a good enough job
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Jesus & Team Are Great!
Jesus & team are great. Unlike other cleaning services they’re honest about when they’ll get there, always right on time. They do a wonderful job cleaning, are price competitive and fast. They bring their own supplies and will work on Saturdays. Highly recommended.
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You Are A Treasure!
Jesus Herrera gets my highest accolades. His team cleaned our home and office for many years and when we were selling our home, he and his wife personally came and kept everything up after we’ve moved out of town. His teams are sweet, thorough, reliable and flexible. Jesus, thank you so much for really supporting our family.

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Residential Services

Schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly home cleaning with us. This is a great way for you to make sure the surfaces in your home-stay properly cleaned, disinfected, dust free and scrubbed clean.


The emphasis is on build-up. This includes wet wiping baseboards, doors, cabinet fronts, blinds, windowsills, the top of the refrigerator, and inside the oven. If you would like a perfectly spotless home, this is our most detailed clean!


If you are moving in or out of your house and would like to leave the place sparkling clean, this is the perfect clean for you. We offer the deep or general move in/move out clean. We will also get inside all cabinets, drawers, pantries, closets, and appliances.

Post Construction Cleaning

We also do Offices, Medical, Dental and other commercial spaces. Our friendly and efficient staff will make sure you get more than you asked for.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you hire CalMaids:

  • Cleaning appointments available Monday – Friday
  • Convenient scheduling
  • 24-Hour Cleaning Guarantee
  • State-of-the-Art equipment and supplies
  • State-of-the-Art equipment and supplies
  • Bonded, Licensed and Insured
  • Easy online booking​

Our Guarentee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with each cleaning service you receive from us. If you are not absolutely delighted with our house cleaning, we will re-service the area within 24 hours of notification for free. If you’re still not happy for any reason, you don’t pay!

Most residential cleaning companies wouldn’t dare stand behind a guarantee like this, but we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for cleaning services you are not completely happy with, so we stand behind our work.

Take us up on our 24 Hour Cleaning Guarantee by calling today at (408) 844-4741


Cal maids.com

Cal Maids provides full-service residential cleaning services in San Jose, Los Gatos and Los Altos. Not only do we provide several cleaning packages, but we offer the following additional cleaning services:


We deliver the quality service that you expect in a residential home cleaning company. A clean and healthy home says you care about your family. Call us. Our cleaning team will bring you the value that you deserve at a price that you can afford. We can achieve the standards of cleanliness and the appearance you desire at a price that makes sense.


With our service, you won’t need to worry about whether or not our cleaners have been properly trained because we provide extensive training for every single person we employ. Each employee goes through a comprehensive training program and safety training before working with their supervisor in our clients’ homes. We believe our most important asset is our people. The success of our business depends on them, so our people are well trained and well supervised.


We are professionals, and we strive to provide your home with the best care possible. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our policies and procedures, please contact us by calling (408) 844-4741

Does the thought of having to clean your freshly-built home make you wince? Construction clean up is definitely a lot of hard work. Let us do the lifting and scrubbing for you!


  • Remove large debris, putting them into the dumpster on the site.
  • Sweeping or using a heavy-duty vacuum to remove construction dust and smaller debris.
  • Dusting or wiping down surfaces, such as walls, door frames, ledges, stair rails, etc.
  • Wet cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, countertops, and any other areas. We also remove stickers from fixtures, and clean the insides of cabinets and drawers.
  • Cleaning windows and window frames. We also remove drywall mud and stickers. This takes extra care because windows are easily scratched.
  • Sweeping or vacuuming hard floor surfaces and wet mopping to ensure all drywall mud and paint is removed. Some flooring may need additional service if construction workers were not careful by covering up floors with plastic.
  • Detail vacuuming the carpet, including all edges. We also remove all drywall mud and paint. Some carpet may need to be professionally cleaned if the contractors didn’t provide enough protection from dirt and debris.

After we finish post construction cleaning, we walk through the home again and touch up any areas that need it. Once we are done, your home will be ready for move-in!

While people understand the importance of cleaning with regard to appearance, they are often unaware of how a clean home affects their health. A clean bathroom and kitchen are two areas that we commonly think of as needing to be clean for health reasons. However, there are other issues within the home that can cause physical harm to your body. Also, the very chemicals we use to clean can have an adverse effect on you.

Poor indoor air quality has been proven to be a cause of health problems. Allergies to dust and mold are common, and can lead to potentially serious conditions. Most traditional cleaning chemicals are toxic, and can cause allergic reactions as well. These can range from minor annoyances to potentially life-threatening. Also, some chemicals are actually poisonous or capable of causing chemical burns. These chemicals can also enter the environment, affecting our water supply.

Here at Reliable Cleaning Solutions, we use green cleaning products and equipment, with the goal of providing you with a safe and healthy environment. Our chemicals are non-toxic, and many are derived from natural ingredients. We use HEPA-quality vacuums, which cut down on dust reintroduced into the air. Our carpet cleaning process removes dirt and allergens trapped in your carpets, in addition to making them look great.

At CalMaids, we know that the health of you and your family comes first, and that’s why we offer a variety of green cleaning services. Many chronic health conditions stem from our environment, so consider how much time you spend in your home. To us, “green house cleaning” is more than a catchphrase, but rather a mindset to promote health.

We offer residential window washing as an extra service to our clients. The inside of your windows should be cleaned at least once per year, and the outside of your windows twice should be cleaned per year to keep from becoming stained. Our window washers are professionally trained and use only the proper tools and products. You don’t have to worry about streaked windows with us.

Our window cleaning services include:

  • Removing debris and cobwebs
  • Washing windows inside and out
  • Window sills
  • Window tracks
  • Screens

Pricing is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Size of the window
  • Type of window
  • Number of panes per window
  • Inside or outside windows
  • Floor level location

Contact us to set up your residential window washing appointment today!

Natural stone, ceramic tile, and grout require a large investment in your home — be careful not to allow just anyone who claims to be a professional take care of your natural stone, ceramic tile, and grout.

Reliable Cleaning Solutions has trained and IICRC Certified Technicians to care for your floors. We also have the proper insurance, including workers’ compensation and liability, in case the unexpected happens. We know how to identify what floor type you have, and we provide professional floor cleaning, the best cleaning agents, and state-of-the-art equipment for your floors based on your specific needs.


  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Bathroom Floors
  • Tiled Foyer
  • Tiled Entryways
  • Tiled Hallways


  • Evaluate all areas to be cleaned
  • Pretreat the areas to loosen soil
  • Detail all edges
  • Steam-clean those areas with high-pressure hot water extraction — including grout lines and tile
  • Seal tile and grout (optional)
  • Color Seal Grout (optional)

We have successfully cleaned many floor types, including granite, terrazzo, marble, soapstone, glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, porcelain, and terra cotta. Call us if you have questions about your particular floor type or our floor cleaning services.


Our cleaning packages are designed to fit every budget and take the guesswork of deciding what residential cleaning services you need. Contact us for a complete specifications list for each of the packages listed below.


An extensive, deep house cleaning designed to thoroughly clean your home from top-to-bottom.


A comprehensive surface cleaning that will keep your home clean and tidy on a regular basis


The light cleaning package is for those who need a clean and tidy home without breaking the budget!


When starting a new residential cleaning account, we are often asked why we charge more for the “first-time” cleaning. A first-time cleaning of a new residential cleaning account is more like a “spring-cleaning,” and needs extra staff time to remove extra soil and build-up. Our staff may spend anywhere from four to eight times longer to clean a first-time residential account than one of our existing client’s homes.


A customer who has never had their home professionally cleaned is likely to have soil build-up throughout the house. We often gain new clients who are dissatisfied with their residential cleaning service and decide to hire our company. We take the time to remove extra soil and build-up around your home so that we are starting out with a “fresh palette.” Here are some of the challenges we run into:


We put extra effort will into removing hard water stains from fixtures, tubs, and sinks. We also frequently find build-up around the bottom of toilets, faucets, and other fixtures that must be removed. Shower doors may have lime, rust, and hard water spots. We take the entire room back to a clean starting point, so in the future, regular cleaning will keep everything shiny and deposit free.


We clean the small cracks and crevices in the kitchen that some residential cleaning services overlook. The tops of cabinets, cupboards, and refrigerators are places that often go undusted or uncleaned for long periods of time. We find grease and fingerprints on most surfaces, especially stove tops, refrigerator doors, and small appliances. A good overall house cleaning is essential to remove the hidden dirt, grease, and even unseen spilled food that need to be thoroughly cleaned up.


Homeowners are often too busy to do a thorough cleaning job. As people get busy, they sweep and vacuum what’s visible, but they tend to ignore vacuuming and sweeping behind or under the furniture. Dusting is often a task that homeowners leave for “when there is time.” We clean window sills, bookshelves, baseboards, ceiling fans, and other furniture that may have a long-term build-up of thick dust.


We clean these spaces that have build-up around baseboards and edges. It is important to keep these areas clean where dust and dirt has been tracked in from hallways and entryways.

Removing the build-up of soil and grime is essential before we can get a home to look its best.

Once the home has had a careful cleaning, it will be faster and easier for our team to go in and clean on the schedule agreed upon. Getting back to a basic starting point is important so that we have a clean slate to work with. Beginning at the starting point, we can make sure that every time we clean, your home will shine and you will be a satisfied customer!

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